Thalgo Body Treatments
Body Exfoliation 
Body Polish

Aquatic Scrub                                                                                              30min                                     $75
A concentration of the invigorating benefits of the ocean, this blue lagoon scrub combines the unique exfoliating power of sea salt with nourishing oils, to reveal a refined skin texture, velvety to the touch. Its marine notes delicately scent the skin, while providing a moment of well-being.
Slimming Preparation Peel                                                                   30min (3 zones)                $25
Glycolic acid, Malic acid, Chondrus Crispus (red algae) This acid peel intensely exfoliates the skin in a minimum amount of time and helps to penetrate active ingredients. The imperfections fade and the skin feels smoother and softer.
Each additional zone add-on: 10min $10
Body Wrap
Marine Prelude Purity Ritual(Deluxe Body Polish + Mud)                 45min                                    $90
Under the combined effect of Natural Marine Mud from the Dead Sea and Sea Salts, this original scrub offers a detoxifying exfoliation, coupled with a truly intense relaxation effect. The skin is soft and revitalised, roughness is eliminated and the body is relaxed.
Natural Marine Mud                                                                                30min                                     $60
100% natural mud from the Dead Sea with an exceptional mineral content (in particular Calcium and Magnesium) makes this wrap a multi-action treatment: a slimming precursor, natural anti-stress, post-exercise recovery. Cellulite dimpling is smoothed, tense joints and muscle pain are eased and the body is completely replenished in minerals.
3 Algea Marine Treatment                                                                   30min                                    $110
The Thalassotherapy body wrap par excellence, this 100% pure and natural, patented algae, rich in minerals, vitamins and trace elements, helps achieve overall well-being and vitality. With its natural slimming properties, your body is prepared for a slimming treatment or ready to face everyday stress.
Treatment course: 12 sessions 2 times a week or 1 session every day for 6 days 
Maintenance: 1 session per month
Slimming Wrap                                                                                           30min                                     $40 
Oxy Active Technology, Active Oxygen
Hypoxia (lack of oxygenation) in tissues causes slowing of energy needed for lipolysis (fat breakdown) and promotes fat storage.
This unique, highly effective, self- warming wrap delivers oxygen where needed especially in congested cellulite areas to created “fat burner” effect
Gel Firming Wrap                                                                                     30min                                     $40 
Sculpt Active Technology, 
Menthol this wrap works to firm sagging skin such as inner thighs, inner arms or stomach and gives its “cryo-effect” cooling action.

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